Sunday, July 12, 2015

In Which I Totally Fangirl: Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and Florence & The Machine

You're totally ready for me to freak the hell out over The Walking Dead season 6, aren't you? This brand-new four-minute trailer was just released at Comic-Con.

Check. This. Out.

There are some things I'm hoping they do not do, and some things I'm really hoping happen, and some things I hope they STOP doing. I have so many feelings about this season. So. Many.

I've almost completed my grand re-watch of the series, and though I won't claim seasons 1-5 are flawless, holy everything, have I learned a lot about stakes and character arcs. It's totally worth a re-watch specifically to break down how Rick gets to where he is at the end of season 5. Rick has never been my favorite character-- Daryl, Beth, Carol, and Carl, FTW. But this rewatch convinced me. Rick is a lot more than I originally gave him credit for. And I can't wait to see where this season takes these guys.

While I'm over here saying NO REALLY, HUSBAND. WATCH TWD WITH ME, he is actually completely immersed in all the new behind-the-scenes material that released at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday. And while I love Star Wars, I'm not the fan he is-- but this is still really, really, cool, and it totally made me excited for the movie

Are you excited for The Force Awakens? It's so fascinating to me to see these people working in this reel, so excited to be part of such a huge fandom. Their excitement makes me look forward to it even more.

And finally, finally, I've been waiting forever for Florence + The Machine to release a new album. And it is HERE. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful landed last month, and I'm just loving it. It's everything I wanted it to be.

What are you fangirling (I give you permission to fangirl, even if you're not a girl) over lately? Tell me. I want to hear about it.

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