Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mommy Writes: Finding Inspiration

Everyone's heard the age old advice, write every day, but some days ... it's just not happening. Most days, I feel like this.

When a friend got me VIP tickets to The Princess Bride: An Inconceivable Evening With Elwes, part of me was thinking about the baby, finding a sitter, how I should be writing ect. The other part of me?


So I called my girl, put on JEANS, and headed out to meet my childhood fantasy.
Somewhere between watching The Princess Bride with a bunch of die hard fans and seeing Cary hug a young girl whose grandfather passed away, the muse hit.

Suddenly, I WANTED to write. Watching Cary interact with his fans, feeling the excitement roll through the audience, it all made me realize why I write. There's nothing more thrilling than knowing your story inspired someone, moved someone or made them experience a myriad of emotions.

For my fellow Princess Bride fans, the movie has become a part of our childhood, a happy memory that always puts a smile on our face, and reminds us of how six fingered men never get away with  murder.

When it came time for the meet and greet, I told Mr. Elwes how inspired I was by watching him and the fans--that's when we briefly talked about my future book release and hugged--YES. I HUGGED CARY ELWES. lol

Anyway, the point is sometimes we need to get off our tired butts and go out and experince life, because sometimes, you just might get a hug from Cary Elwes.

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