Our Beta-Reading Community

So you’re looking for a beta reader for your MG, YA, or NA manuscript? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Below you’ll find a list of beta readers. We are writers like you—agented and unagented, published and unpublished. One thing we all have in common, however, is that we love reading and writing.

FAQs About Our Beta Reading Community:

Does it cost money or are there any reading fees? No, and if someone is charging you for a beta read you should look elsewhere. We are not professional editors, this is not a business. We beta read because we love reading and want to help writers. 

In what shape should my manuscript be in when I submit? We are not looking to critique first drafts. The manuscript you submit should be complete, edited, and at the "ready to submit to agents" stage.

Can I submit to more than one of your beta readers? Yes, but please only one at a time and be sure to let the beta reader know in your initial query that this is a “second read” so they can prioritize their reads (if they have more than one). Typically, “first reads” will be read, well…first.

What can I expect from a beta read? Every beta reader is different in how s/he responds to a story and the level of notes returned in the end. In general, you can expect the beta reader to provide you with a summary addressing the areas in which you state in your submission, including strengths and areas of need.

How do I submit a request for a beta read? It’s easy! Scan the list below and choose which beta reader you’d like to submit to, based on his/her MG, YA, or NA preferences. Send an email to the reader with this information: 

-your name
-the title, subgenre, and word count of your manuscript
-a brief (2-3 sentence) summary of your manuscript
-a few things you’d like the beta reader to pay close attention to (i.e. plot lines, characterization, grammar and punctuation, etc.)
-title the subject of your email BETA READ REQUEST

If the reader would like to read your manuscript, you may send it when he or she replies to your request.

And remember: Our readers are writers just like you, giving up their own time, so be sure to show your appreciation!

The Beta Community:

Kheryn Casey, kheryn.casey@gmail.com (dark, edgy, sci-fi, dystopian)

Megan Lenz, dragonflyword@gmail.com (dystopian, paranormal, fantasy, thrillers, sci-fi)

Heather Riccio,   heather.riccio@gmail.com  (contemporary, paranormal, fantasy)

Sophia Kane, algardisbooks@gmail.com (high fantasy, epic fantasy)

Edward Woodward III, w.edwardwoodwardiii@gmail.com (fantasy, sci-fi, thriller/mystery, paranormal, especially MG)

Melody Wright, rewrighter@gmail.com (thriller, adventure, multi-cultural, mystery, and contemporary. No straight romance)

Bethany Lopez, b_lo1123@yahoo.com (all YA including upper and NA, especially contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy)

Danae McBurney, handel21@yahoo.com. MG & YA. Contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, inspirational, romance, historical. No horror, excessive swearing, or explicit sex.

Dawn Norman,  edn910@gmail.com (contemporary, edgy, historical, mystery/suspense, sci-fi)

Trisha Leaver, trisha.leaver@comcast.net, (contemporary, horror, thriller)

Kate Brauning, Pub Hub host, gives away beta reads of 1,000 words every Monday on Twitter.

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